Why should I use a Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters are proven to increase the dollar amount on claims directly. Public Adjusters provide legal representation for you and give you peace of mind knowing that you are being represented by someone with proper authority and a license issued by the Department of Insurance. Public Adjusters have extensive knowledge and experience in handling challenging insurance claims and getting you the best possible result for your claim.

What are the benefits of using a Public Adjuster?

Hiring a Public Adjuster allows you to continue your life uninterrupted and peacefully, while giving you back your number one asset, which is your time. Hiring a Public Adjuster means that you will have an expert handling your claim who has been down this road before and will help you by making the best decisions to maximize your claim through their extensive knowledge of insurance laws, building codes, and industry knowledge.

How do I know I can trust a Public Adjuster?

Our Public Adjusters are licensed by the Illinois and Indiana Department of insurance. We have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and are an accredited business. Our Public Adjusters go through background checks, fingerprint verification, ethics training, and have to meet the Proliance culture and live by our core values to serve our clients.

Is it worth hiring a Public Adjuster?

Yes, of course! Hiring a Public Adjuster puts you in a position of having your claim handled professionally, to represent your best interests, and to get you every penny you deserve, while doing all of this stress free, as the Public Adjuster will take on the work.

Who should I call first – My Insurance or a Public Adjuster?

Your Public Adjuster! Although you may have a great relationship with your insurance company, your agent has no control over the adjusting process. There is no correlation between your agent and the adjuster coming out to inspect your property. It’s very important that you have proper representation when your insurance company is adjusting your claim. Your insurance company is a business and with that being said, it’s only smart on your end to have a Public Adjuster representing your best interests. Getting a Public Adjuster involved first ensures that your claim is reported and handled properly giving you the highest chance of approval for your roof, siding, gutters, interior and more.

Will my insurance rates go up?

Since storm damage is beyond our control, insurance companies are not allowed to raise individual rates or drop you. Insurance rates on storm damage claims go up by location and zip code based on how many claims are filed in your area with your insurance company. There is nothing that you can do to protect your home from being affected by a storm, versus for example, a car accident where certain parties are at fault, and individual rates can be affected.

What is the difference between a Public Adjuster and an Insurance Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster represents the public to ensure that your claim is handled and maximized in your best interest. An insurance adjuster works for the insurance company and represents the insurance company’s best interest, and adjusts claims based on the management of the insurance company.

What is the difference between a Public Adjuster and a Contractor?

A Public Adjuster is legally able to represent insurance claims, while a contractor is not. A contractor’s job is to perform the actual work, but they cannot provide legal representation.

What if my Insurance Adjuster or another contractor says I don’t need a Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters were created for a reason and that is to put clients in the best position possible with their knowledge, expertise and experience. This is a specified field that is professionally trained to detect storm related damage and to get it approved when warranted through your insurance company. Public Adjusters are licensed to do this and their resources are extensive in helping to get your claim bought.

Should I get multiple estimates?

Nope, there is no need. When it comes to an insurance claim, getting estimates is irrelevant because the work is done at the same cost as the insurance company pays. What we do recommend is to research any company that you work with to make sure they have the proper credentials and they are a company that provides high quality products and services.